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About F.J.Lily

F.J.Lily a.k.a Fiona Lily is a writer, songwriter, musician, producer based in the UK and creator of the SongStarz series about Issy, Lola and Cass who embark on a series of adventures centering around the SongStarz television competition - www.songstarz.com.

F.J had the idea for SongStarz in 2009 whilst studying songwriting, and, wanting to write in different genres, first creating a fictitious girlband 'The Cutie Catz' to write for, then other 'bands' and 'artists'. Stories about the Cutie Catz and the television competition SongStarz, evolved from there with the creation of fifteen books, numerous companion books, and around a hundred songs in the series and the SongStarz world built around Issy, Lola and Cass, the mysterious top security Military Base they live on, and SongStarz itself where things are not as they seem.

2016 saw the adaptation of the work and some of the songs first performed as a musical in secondary schools, this being mapped to Arts Awards to enable schools to support their students in achieving awards through doing the musical.

You can also find SongStarz on twitter, where, there have been some entertaining Digital Story telling in conjunction with Nottingham Trent University, with characters from the 'SongStarz TV show' interacting with entertainment organisations such as the BBC and the Eurovision Song Contest and other entertainment professionals. The main SongStarz accounts are now @SongStarzHQ - see below for links.

2021 saw the publication of the first book in the series, SongStarz - Beginnings, with 2022 seeing this released as an AUDIOBOOK.

SongStarz MYRIAD is out in November 2022.

'Freak On' the first 'Cutie Catz' song in the SongStarz series, has now been released on the SongStarz label, performed by F.J.Lily & The SongStarz House Band.

F.J.Lily also gives talks on SongStarz processs, and runs workshops on creative writing and songwriting, so if you'd like for her to do this for your school, writing group, or any other organisation you can register your interest HERE!

So what's SongStarz about? Essentially, all Lola wants is to be a STAR!  All Issy wants is to be left alone, thank you very much.  All Cass wants is to play her drums, read 'Live Your Best Life', and for everyone to get along, if it isn't too much trouble.

This doesn't seem at all likely when Lola secretly decides to do something which, at best, can only be described as... unexpected, entering them into SongStarz, the television show, and setting them on a path that feels, to Issy, rather like an out of control juggernaut with no brakes. 

Issy is in no doubt that Magda Deveraux, their fierce and uncompromising Guardian, will turn them into SPAM! when she finds out.

Even if they can break out of the high security Military Base they live on - where nothing is quite as it seems - will Issy be able to do what Lola wants?  

SongStarz Beginnings introduces Issy, Lola and Cass and starts them off on their adventures.

SongStarz MYRIAD takes them deeper into the SongStarz and MYRIAD world where Project SNOW is in peril and T.O.A.D are on the march.

Freak On Music Video - F.J.Lily & The SongStarz House Band

Extract from SongStarz Beginnings Audio Book

SongStarz Musicals

SongStarz was adapted for a musical for schools in 2016 and partners with Arts Award, bringing Arts to Schools.

Tried and Tested since 2016!

SongStarz Musical Resources

Specifically Adapted for Schools

Launched in 2016 following academic research at Loughborough University into what secondary schools need to make their musical a successful experience for all involved.

SongStarz - The Musical adapts the first four books in the SongStarz series (a multi media format) and is a rip roaring rollercoaster, yet adaptable experience to suit any schools cast or resource needs.  Acts, judges and extras can be added!

Resources Include

Text link

Digital Backdrops.

Lead Sheets.

Props & Costume Suggestions.

Karaoke videos.

Director's Pack.

Performed to great reviews, really, too many to put up here, but lovely, funny and genuine reviews are included as part of the intro pack so do get in touch.

SongStarz TV

Exclusive SongStarz TV brings the SongStarz offline content online in true 'on demand' style, accessible by any internet enabled device, providing exclusive online access to the Karaoke Videos, script and lead sheets already available, Clips from the SongStarz Beginnings audio book, 'Interviews' with the Acts, Judges, and real life 'Arts Inspirations', backstage gossip, songwriting and creative exercises, and much more - all to enhance the SongStarz experience. 

Of course, you'll still have access to the offline musical resources if you need them, and you'll find out how to enter the SongStarz competition yourselves!

UK Arts Award Supporter

SongStarz is proud to have been an official Arts Award Supporter and educator since 2017.

Frankly - we love it and think every school should do it! 

Full Arts Award support resources and packs are included free with the SongStarz musical to support achievement of Bronze and Silver Arts Awards, created by our resident Arts Award Adviser. 

If you're a creative practitioner working with a school, or a teacher looking for a solution do deliver Arts Award, SongStarz may be the choice for you - just get in touch at [email protected] with 'Arts Award' in the title and we'll send you the info. 

Register your interest HERE with your School email address to receive details on how you can access SongStarz - The Musical or the SongStarz Beginnings Musical for use in your school, get all the great resources AND how you can enter your school into our exclusive SongStarz Competition. Teachers and Students, we salute you!

Opportunities at SongStarz

Although we aren't currently recruiting for full time staff, from 2018 we have provided successful placements to University Students who have had a lot of fun, added value to us and to their CV, and gone on to great things. We tailor placements according to the skills and aspirations of the student concerned; for example direct marketing to schools, digital storytelling (see below), contribution to educational materials, design and PR. Please contact us at [email protected] if you are a University looking to find student placements and we'll see what we can do to help.

Digital Storytelling

Examples of our forays of Digital Storytelling as SongStarz TV can be found HERE


If you are interested in licensing any aspect of the SongsStarz Intellectual Property or format please contact [email protected]

You can also follow us on Social Media @SongStarzHQ links below...